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A steady stream of sustainable facilities
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Shimanami Kaido Cycling NOW!
Captivating cyclists from around the world!
[DAY 1]

“Shimanami Kaido,” famed as a sacred route for Japanese cyclists, is also becoming popular with overseas visitors. To savor the allure of this celebrated course, we enlisted the assistance of Johannes, a Swedish national who currently lives and works in Japan as a model. Together, we departed on a specially planned one-night/two-day cycling escapade.

* All photographs are for illustrative purposes only.
* Request: When cycling, be sure to travel safely, while observing all rules and manners. For example, please refrain from using smartphones or other mobile devices without stopping along the way.

The plan was for an overnight trip from Japan's main island
of Honshu to the isle of Shikoku, crossing the six small islands
and six bridges spanning the Seto Inland Sea.

On this jaunt, we experienced the incredible beauty of the island chain, the sight of vast citrus fruit fields stretching across mountains, fishing ports unchanged over the decades, delicious local specialties and other charms of the Setouchi area conjuring up images of days of old. We also took time to visit new sightseeing spots, facilities and attractive locations offerings championed by younger folks representing the next generation.

Setting out from Onomichi, we rented bicycles for the coming ride.

* Bicycles may also be rented at Onomichi Station.

Breakfast at a cafe with a grand view of the inland sea!

#Mou Mou Kitchen

This cafe opens for breakfast at 7:00 a.m. Basking in the invigorating vista of the morning sea, we charged up on energy for the trip ahead.

(Japanese Only)

Cycling along the picturesque coastal route,
peddling our way to Innoshima Island.

Products created through collaboration between the long established ramune (lemon soda) shop “Goto Mineral Spring” and “Kaiju (Monster) Lemons” – a lemon brand from the Setoda district.

Resting at the Nagisa-no-Koban SEABRIDGE,
a facility for learning about and appreciating the ocean located
inside Innoshima Amenity Park.


This cultural facility was opened in July 2021. Eco-friendly measures here include use of biodegradable “bagasse” (sugar cane pulp residue) in takeout drink cups and other efforts.

(Japanese Only)

The oldest shrine on Innoshima Island, completed in 773. Said to enshrine the so-called “God of Bicycles,” the grounds are visited by large numbers of cyclists to pray for safe journeys.

This mystical spot, blessed with a magnificent view, lies 226.9 meters above sea level. The vicinity features some 700 stone Buddhist images located along the approach to the shrine close to the mountain peak. They are said to represent the 500 disciples of Buddha who attained Nirvana.

Cycling across Ikuchi Bridge, we arrive at Ikuchijima Island.

For lunch, we stop at the Shimanami Romance restaurant
to enjoy some local gourmet selections.

Shimanami Romance

This eatery is located in front of the Port of Setoda. For lunch, recommended dishes include a seafood rice bowl piled high with Setouchi selections, as well as “Setouchi Lemon Rice Bowl” packed with deep-fried chicken, saluted rib meat and pork.


Exploring the Shiomachi shopping district on foot.

Shiomachi shopping district

Stretching from near the Port of Setoda landing, this area retains the nostalgic ambiance of days gone by.

We decide to check out a new local spot known as SOIL SETODA.


This facility opened in April 2021. Within SOIL SETODA KURA,
a renovated 140-year-old warehouse, is the first Japanese domestic roastery of Overview Coffee of Portland, Oregon – a connoisseur coffee roaster devoted to environmental and ecosystem friendliness. In addition to this establishment, various fashionable merchandise and local specialties are also on sale.


The Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art, displaying the works of Ikuo Hirayama (1930-2009), Japanese painter and native of Setoda Town. Hirayama is famed for trekking along the Silk Road in a passionate search for the origins of Japanese culture.


Enjoying stellar popularity are pastries prepared with generous use of lemons grown on Ikuchijima – an island famed as the origin of lemon farming in Japan.

(Japanese Only)

Azumi Setoda, a traditional Japanese style inn created by renovating the 140-year-old home owned by the Horiuchi family. Opened at the same time was Yubune, another inn which is equipped with a public bath.

Cycling along a route lined with palms,
exuding a truly tropical mood,
we gear up for arrival at our Day 1 destination!

Setoda Sunset Beach. We camp here,
bringing the Day 1 itinerary to an end.

Time to kick back and relax, relaxing in the golden glow of the setting sun.

Setoda Sunset Beach

Beach Sports Park, with an expansive stretch of lovely white sand. This is a perfect site for camping, with showers, neat tenting grounds, barbecue, sea kayaking and other impeccable amenities.

(Japanese Only)

From here, we depart on the second day of our excursion.

* This shooting was conducted in thorough compliance with contagious disease prevention measures detailed in the “Basic Policy for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Control” issued by the Japanese Government.


※All photographs are for illustrative purposes only