Cheek brush with the finest "Koyomo(goat fur)"


Fabled “vintage goat hair” and
the “jewel beetle lacquerware” technique
World-renowned cheek brushes,
marshalling time-honored craftmanship
for soft end application.

Origin Kure,Hiroshima

Partnering of legendary “vintage goat hair” and the Tamamushi (Jewel Beetle) Aizu Lacquerware technique. Vintage goat hair is the phenomenally friction-free hair on the neck to chest areas of young goats. Firm in length and strength, the quality ranks the highest of any goat hair. The ends are exceptionally fine in texture, cling lithely to the skin and support rich color development. The brush shaft features “Tamamushi Lacquerware,” with each piece immaculately formed to yield sensations of a genuinely special instrument in hand. These makeup application brushes are impeccably tooled to coax out deep red hues rich in gloss and moisture, together with graceful curving lines. Honored with the 2014 Good Design Award.

  • Fine hair ends

  • Soft and pleasant on the skin

  • Traditional techniques nurtured for centuries

  • Strength of vintage goat hair


Tatsuhiro Tsubokawa

(Tsubokawa Brush Manufacturing Company
/ Director)

Tsubokawa Brush Manufacturing Company is relentless in the quest for uncompromising excellence in natural materials. We have long stressed the high value of “vintage goat hair,” and today boast the world’s largest stock of this increasingly rare resource. The quality of the hair is particularly cherished among master calligraphers and other artists, who praise the “protruding sensation” for rendering such brushes a joy to use. The Western Region Industrial Research Center of the Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute offers the following scientific assessment of this esteemed material: “The hair is resilient and superbly cut resistant, with the delicate texture of the ends soft and soothing on the skin.”


Cheek brush with the finest
"Koyomo(goat fur)"

MakerTsubokawa Brush Manufacturing Company
SizeTotal length: Approx. 13.5cm (hair length approx. 4cm).
Materials<hair> Wool 100%
<handle> Natural Wood (Aizu lacquer)
PriceJP 27,500yen (tax included)

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