Masking Tape

Goods Series

Original masking tape, designed with
images of a train running
between the tranquil seas and
scenic islands of Seto Inland Sea.

Origin Kurashiki,Okayama

Original masking tape developed from the concept of textile designer Masaru Suzuki. The visuals are featured on the artistically wrapped “SETOUCHI TRAIN,” as well as shopping bags from souvenir stores located inside Okayama Station. Conceived to depict a train traveling between the tranquil seas and scenic isles of Setouchi Inland Sea. The tape is thin but strong, harnessing the traits of traditional Japanese washi paper to ensure easy tearing by hand. Produced by Kamoi Kakoshi Company, a specialized paper crafter in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture (Winner of the 4th Hometown Bravo Honors Committee Grand Prize). An ingenious mix of charm and style, crafted to spruce up your everyday routine.

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  • Setouchi design portrayed on the SETOUCHI TRAIN

  • Masking tape easily affixed and detached,
    brightening up your daily scene and chores

  • Original masking tape designed by Suzuki Masaru

  • The artistically wrapped “SETOUCHI TRAIN”


Masaru Suzuki


Textile designer. Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1968, launched Unpiatto Inc. in 2002. Since 2010, he has produced distinctive designs for Marimekko Active and numerous other brands both in Japan and overseas. “The SETOUCHI TRAIN design conveys images of small mountain-like isles adrift on placid ocean waters, viewed while strolling around the towns of Setouchi. The keynote image is that of a train steadily making its way through calm and peaceful local waters.”


SETOUCHI Masking Tape 1-6

MakerKamoi Kakoshi Co.,Ltd./ West Japan Railway Company Okayama Branch / JR service net Okayama Co.,Ltd.
MaterialsJapanese paper / adhesives
Price1~3:JP 264yen、4~6:JP 418yen (tax included)

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Souvenir shops inside Okayama Station

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* Japanese only. Overseas shipment is not be accepted.


  • “Eki-naka” (in-station shops) in Okayama Prefecture and
    eastern Hiroshima Prefecture

    Inquiry deskJR service net Okayama Co.,Ltd.
    Address2-4-6 Ekimaecho Kita-ku,Okayama-shi, Okayama
    Reception hours9:00~17:45

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