CHU-HI Series

Fresh and bracing pure lemon chu-hi
(distilled spirits highball),
blended exclusively from the juice
of lemons grown in the Setoda district.

Origin Higashihiroshima,Hiroshima

Setodacho, located at the geographical center of the Shimanami Sea Route, is a small town comprised of two islands – Ikuchijima and Koneshima. The steep slopes of this island realm enjoy rich sunshine, making them ideal for lemon growing. The cultivation of “Setodacho Lemons” is said to date from the Meiji Period of Japanese history (1868-1912). In 1963, annual production of the fruit reached 900 tons made this Japan’s top lemon growing district. The area at the approach to Tatara Great Bridge, a large structure linking Setoda to Omishima Island, long ago earned the nickname of “Lemon Valley.” In May of each year, this is the scene of a beautiful landscape of white lemon flowers blooming in the midst of the fresh green leaves of spring. “Setoda Lemon CHU-HI” (a distilled spirit highball) is blended exclusively from the juice of Setoda Lemons. Must like the invigorating winds gusting through Lemon Canyon, this beverage is loved for its fresh and bracing taste.

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  • Setoda Lemons,
    grown in the rich sunlight flowing down on the area.

  • CHU-HI Series (SHIMANAMI Hassaku,
    SETODA Lemon,OKAYAMA White peach)


Junichi Oka

(JR service net Okayama Co.,Ltd. /
Director of sales)

Setoda Lemon CHU-HI – a highball blended from distilled spirits and lemons using 100% Setoda Lemon juice. Please take time to savor the clear and sophisticated taste of this unique cocktail delight.


CHU-HI Series
(Pack of 12)

MakerHoshaku Beverage Co.,Ltd / West Japan Railway Company Okayama Branch / JR service net Okayama Co.,Ltd.
Materialslemon juice / vodka / saccharides / acidifiers / soda / flavoring agent
PriceJP 4,329yen (tax included)

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